The Bare Faced Selfie – Raising Awareness for Cancer Research

selfieSome of you may have seen or heard of the craze that is sweeping social media sites such as facebook. ‘The Bare Faced Selfie’ The idea is that us girls take pictures of ourselves without make-up on and post to facebook, twitter etc.. hence ‘bare faced selfie’ and nominate friends to do the same.

A few of these started popping up on my news feed yesterday morning, and I thought it quite odd, as the girls doing it originally were saying they were doing it to raise awareness of cancer research – then later on in the day more and more people were doing the bare faced selfie’s accompanied by giving a donation of £3 for cancer research.

The girl who posts the selfie then nominates some of her friends and then you are essentially challenged to do it. I was challenged by a good friend of mine last night and so I happily posted a bare faced selfie, as it is all in aid giving money to help fund research for finding a way to beat cancer. The only people who ever see me without make-up are my husband and my children and so this was quite a big thing for me and I have always been extremely self conscious about my skin.

In my opinion there is nothing bad/wrong or in any way negative about a bunch of girls/women doing something to donate money to such a good cause. So why all the haters? As well as the bare faced selfie’s popping up on my news feed I also have a lot of negative comments – mostly from Men (not all from men) saying that we should stop doing it, that people don’t want to see our ugly faces! which I think is just ridiculous.

I went into a popular high street shop this morning, and a very loud female member of staff, was telling everyone who would listen, how stupid she thought the bare faced selfie is. Her rant was, that the woman participating are all stupid for posting pictures of themselves – she said it was attention seeking, the most hilarious and ridiculous thing she said was that us women should all take pictures of our toe nails without nail varnish on and take pictures of that, as what we are doing is just as pointless. I felt like starting a row with her in the shop. She obviously is not aware of the £3 donation that most bare faced beauties are contributing to cancer research along with the selfie pic.

If everyone woman takes a bare faced selfie today and posts it to their social media page – just imagine how much money we could raise for cancer research – all you have to do is text the word BEAT to 70007 which will automatically donate £3. Job done… so I nominate all you lovely twitter Mum’s out there.. lets raise loads of cash!!

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