Kids – Who’d have ‘em?

With everything that has been going on with the house recently, I have just been ambling along, trying to keep everything together as usual, but recently not getting too stressed about anything that doesn’t really matter. I am a bit of a clean freak but with 2 children under 3 – both at home with me (except for the 2 days I work) there is no time to try and keep the house tidy, and as we will be moving soonish – depending on how long the house renovation takes, the state of the house is really not bothering me at the moment.

I am taking the view that I think a lot of other people have.. That there is no point worrying about having a clean house – I would rather spend time with my 2 little mites as I am extremely aware of how fast they are both growing up.

Rae will be 3rae smiling in less than 2 weeks – she is learing new words all of the time, her brain is working so fast, that her little mouth can’t keep up with her at the moment. She is a loving, creative, smiley, fun loving, bossy and assertive little girl (which all my family say… oh I wonder where she got that from… obvs talking about me, when it comes to being bossy and assertive – thanks guys!) She has started a little play group once a week, where I leave her there to play, which feels really weird – she goes to nursery but they have locked doors in nursery and a special entry system for parents which puts my mind at ease. But this is a big playgroup, which I thought would be great to prepare her for school as she starts school at the beginning of May, which is no time at all away. She is very helpful around the house, wanting to get involved with cooking, cleaning etc.. She also has the most spectacular tantrums over seemingly nothing – anything can set her off at the moment, her drink in the ‘wrong’ cup, reluctance to get in the bath, only wanting to wear dresses and tights… I am finding it all rather demanding to be honest. But I honesty wouldn’t have her any other way. I adore her.

sonny shoesSonny will be one next month – where has that time gone.. Nobody tells you when you have a second child just how quickly time passes you by. You don’t have time to sit a revel in the wonderment of this amazing baby. With an unruly toddler in tow you just have to make it through each day.. making sure the basics are all covered. Sonny now waves, claps hands, points, says ‘hiya’ (so bloddy cute) crawls everywhere non stop and won’t sit still (ever) he stands and furniture ‘surfs’ as I call it. We got him his first pair of shoes on the weekend. He is such a smiley gorgeous little boy. He only gets upset if you take his toothbrush off him. He loves cuddles and to be picked up, you can’t get much done with Sonny around as he needs constant stimulation at the moment and loves playing.

They are changing each and every day and each stage of their development is just so exciting. Small things like changing Rae’s bed sheets is a fun task at the moment, she said to me last night.. ‘Mummy, this cover is soo bootiful, thank you Mummy’ and it makes my heart want to burst. Sonny just has to say ‘Hiya’ to me and I melt.. They are lush.. I am not saying each day isn’t hard work as it is. To make sure they are fed, watered, do outside activities, see family, play games, have a family dinner all together, have a bath everyday and milk and story time before bed is no mean feat, especially with Sonny still up in the night, every night for a night feed. But it is all worth it. Every minute.

This is all pretty gushy I know, but it is how I am feeling right now, it may be down to this gorgeous sunshine we are having – making my mood bright. I do so love the sunshine and my lovely family.


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