The Bare Faced Selfie – Raising Awareness for Cancer Research

selfieSome of you may have seen or heard of the craze that is sweeping social media sites such as facebook. ‘The Bare Faced Selfie’ The idea is that us girls take pictures of ourselves without make-up on and post to facebook, twitter etc.. hence ‘bare faced selfie’ and nominate friends to do the same.

A few of these started popping up on my news feed yesterday morning, and I thought it quite odd, as the girls doing it originally were saying they were doing it to raise awareness of cancer research – then later on in the day more and more people were doing the bare faced selfie’s accompanied by giving a donation of £3 for cancer research. Continue reading

Project: Renovate Family Home Week 3

outside wk 3 1Things are really starting to hot up, we now have a porch.. Yay! There has been loads going on this week on the outside of the house. It has been landscaped, foundations built for the porch and pathway around the house, the porch has been built and a roof made and put on top to. It is looking like a different house from a mere 2 weeks ago. Continue reading

Kids – Who’d have ‘em?

With everything that has been going on with the house recently, I have just been ambling along, trying to keep everything together as usual, but recently not getting too stressed about anything that doesn’t really matter. I am a bit of a clean freak but with 2 children under 3 – both at home with me (except for the 2 days I work) there is no time to try and keep the house tidy, and as we will be moving soonish – depending on how long the house renovation takes, the state of the house is really not bothering me at the moment.

I am taking the view that I think a lot of other people have.. That there is no point worrying about having a clean house – I would rather spend time with my 2 little mites as I am extremely aware of how fast they are both growing up. Continue reading

Project: Renovate Family Home Week 2

Project Renovate Family Home is well and truly underway!! 12 days in..Hubby and the guys are doing a fab job.. If you look closely enough you will see a bare chested man working on the house, (it’s been lovely weather here today) Great weather to be getting work done.

house week 2The house has been stripped of everything including carpets, wall paper, even ceilings etc.. Walls have been knocked down, all the trees have gone and the front garden has been levelled off. The difference in one week is pretty amazing.. so here are the photos of the progress we have made since last week… Continue reading

The Best of a Really Bad Bunch! #pancakeday

pancakePancake day… Visions of perfectly shaped, crisp but not too crisp, warm pancakes with drizzling’s of lemon and sugar, or Nutella and ice cream. Pancakes that toss easily, on demand. Happy smiling children, clapping with joy as the pancake soars into the air. Gasps as it falls perfectly back into the pan!

Hang on.. rewind… this is not a 1950′s commercial… this is the reality of it… Continue reading

Project: Renovate Family Home Begins! Week 1

outside houseThursday was the day it all happened… We had the call in the morning, that the buyers for our old house wanted to complete that day and could we go and sign the paperwork.. YES! Then at 2:30pm we had another call.. we telling us that we could complete on the new house purchase today.. DOUBLE YES!! It has been a long time coming but finally it is all falling into place.

So we completed on selling and buying a house on the same day (Just so you are not confused, we currently live in other rented accommodation). Now the work really starts. Hubby and I have bought a house, (eek) our second house as a couple but our first ‘family home’ I cannot say it is my dream house or anything like that (yet) as currently it is an absolute dog of a house. It needs a full refit.. Cue project: Renovate Family Home. Continue reading

To Be A Pushy Parent.. Or Not To Be A Pushy Parent

photoI saw this today and it got me thinking… Each and every person is different, we have different wants, desires, hopes and dreams and some of us are better at some things and others, well.. are better at other things.

I don’t know if any of you saw Eastender’s the other day, where Ian Biel was goading his son at a Spelling Bee competition.. telling him to ‘come on’ and ‘remember’ quite forcefully, when his son Bobby obviously had a memory lapse, was nervous or just simply couldn’t spell out the word. It was cringing to watch and made me realise just how much pressure some parents put on their children. Continue reading

The MAD Blog Awards 2014 – New Blog

MAD Blog AwardsThe Mum and Dad Blog Awards are open for nominations! I am super new to blogging as I only started my blog in November of last year. I am loving every minute of my blogging journey so far. I came across information about the MAD Blog Awards on twitter and followed the link to find out more, what an awesome way of recognising Mum and Dad blogging achievements. There are a large range of categories to nominate for; the awards recognise parents of all walks of life who choose to tell us about themselves and their families through blogging. Continue reading

Love is….

I have been challenged by ‘You Baby Me Mummy’ to write a post based on what my version of love is now I am a parent.. here goes..

Love is…

Every smile, every burst of laughter, every shriek of excitement, Every ‘Mummy look..’ when they discover something new. Watching Disney films, having cuddles snuggling in a blanket. Watching little ones learn to crawl, climb stairs, take first steps, say ‘Mumma’ for the first time. Continue reading

My Valentine’s – Not All Sweetness And Light

Valentine’s before Children…Roses, Cards, Chocolates, Lovely meal out, Sexy underwear, Time spent with hubby – Reading papers, Lie ins, Breakfast in bed…

Valentine’s with Children…Sleepless night, Staying in, No time to spend together, Crying, Teething, No lie in, and absolutely no wearing of sexy underwear ever again for me. No breakfast in bed, a hand made card (from me to him) and a peck on the cheek before we rush to drop the kids in nursery. Continue reading